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This season, Bundesliga has a rather unexpected contender for top places. It’s Bayer, who had a great first part of the season. Bookmaker 1xBet link to the website is available right now, it offers you to make predictions for confrontations with the participation of the Pharmacists. Last season, Bayer didn’t even manage to break into the top 4, although they showed a cool attacking game. It seemed that the departure of Havertz to Chelsea would affect the team's results in a bad way, but the reality was different. The teamwork has become better and doesn’t depend on the mood of one star. Now the team from Leverkusen looks more holistic. Their game has a powerful attack, as well as minimal danger at their own goal. But will such a passion of the team be enough for a long time? We will find out the answer to this question in the near future. In the meantime, follow the link, open the website of the bookmaker 1xBet, and you can make predictions for the next team meetings. Here they are always accompanied with attractive odds. Note that such team results were possible because of the following indicators:

  1. Good understanding between the players. On the field, Bayer looks like a single body. This makes it difficult to take the ball away from the team.
  2. Individual skills of the main stars.
  3. The experience of the coaching staff, whose representatives are always trying to choose the optimal composition for each combat.
In the section, you can find the championship and the German Cup, where the club from Leverkusen plays. Place your bets, and you will definitely not lose.

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Sports betting fans will find a lot of interesting games. It is enough to visit the site Of course, the results of Bayer in the first part of the season can be called rather unexpected. The team managed to take advantage of the failures of Borussia, and also scored the maximum number of points in confrontations with the average players and outsiders of the championship. But if the club manages not to slow down, then it is quite capable of becoming a real sensation. However, this requires the company to deliver maximum output in every meeting. Given that the Pharmacists don’t have a lot of reserve, we can say that it won’t be so easy. However, the competitors have an even tighter schedule, plus a game in the Champions League. Bayer won't be so busy in the LE. So, go to the 1xBet section or the German Championship page, and you will find many interesting betting options. Therefore, it will be extremely easy to increase your assets via awareness of the team's game.